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Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society

Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society

             Waverley Hills Sanatorium

                     Louisville, KY                        Co-investigation- Fantome Paranormal

Old Jailers Inn-  Bardstown, KY

 Co-investigation- Fantome Paranormal

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who have a shared passion for the investigation, research and documentation of paranormal phenomena.  We pride ourselves on conducting professional, ethical and compassionately led investigations which help both our clients and those in Spirit.

Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society conducts research and investigations of reported paranormal activity at different locations including historical sites, commercial buildings and businesses, residential homes and other locations in Northeast MS.  Location investigations include research and investigation, capturing evidence by various established scientific and experimental methods along with the use of mediumship.  We document and publish our findings when a location is found to have genuine paranormal activity.

We are a diverse team of people who collectively have many years of experience in this field of study.  Our mission is to investigate, collect, document, evaluate and publish evidence of those cases which have been determined to be paranormal in nature.  We are dedicated to helping those who are experiencing unusual or unsettling events in their homes, businesses or elsewhere which is having an impact on their lives, business or organization.

We are here to help you and in turn, you are helping to increase an ever growing body of research in our field. Requests for investigation are reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis.  We intend to collaborate and work with other ParaUnity Paranormal Research groups, and will refer your case to those groups should we not be able to help in your particular situation, or if there is a more suitable group to assist you that is closer to your location.

If we are able to help with your request, the investigation is conducted in a professional and completely confidential manner.  Names, and in some circumstances locations, will be omitted to protect the privacy of our clients. We do reserve the right to publish our findings in our reports and on our website to add to our body of research, even when honoring any requests to remove all identifying information as to location and name of persons or business.

Investigations are conducted on a time schedule which works for both our team member's obligations and yours and in a manner that is the least intrusive to you.  N.E.M.P.R.S. investigations are conducted at NO cost to our clients.  Cases involving children take top priority. 

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