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Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society

Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society

Old South Pittsburg Hospital
South Pittsburg, Tennessee

May 6th, 7th 2016

I purposely waited a very long time to visit OSPH due to alleged prior questionable management behavior and numerous stories I had heard of possible planted EVP's over the intercom system. The old management staff has been gone almost two years now, and I felt it was time. I went alone on this investigation (Maggie).

The hospital was built in 1959 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. The location was a community hospital which at various times had a small emergency room, one or two operating rooms, psychiatric and detox care, as well as geriatric services.  The history of the land and surrounding area goes back much further. There are many stories regarding the hospital that invoke a rather sad and tragic past. The hospital shuts its doors for the last time in 1998.

The first impression I had upon driving up to the hospital and parking was a strong sense of vertigo. I was filled with feelings of confusion, disorientation, and could hear echoes of several people all trying to talk at once.

The hospital is very run down in various sections of the hospital. There are rooms where the ceilings have caved in and there is mold on some floors and rooms. I would suggest bringing dust masks and to use caution when roaming the hospital. New management has made a lot of effort recently in updating the landscaping and cleaning up different areas of the hospital which are in comfortable condition. Be prepared to feel lost as well; you enter the building on what you think is the first floor when in fact it is the second floor. The hospital is very much like a maze. The hospital is 68,000 square feet, so wear comfortable shoes.

First, a big thank you to our hosts Tristan, Wanda, and Mike. They were professional, helpful, and shared many stories of their own experiences while working at O.S.P.H. Tristan understood my concerns about past management at the site, and showed me personally that the intercom system was completely dismantled with wires cut at all connection points. 

When I arrived, I was relieved to find there were only going to be a total of five of us investigating this night.  This is an ideal number of participants- 4 to 8 is ideal. After choosing our rooms to sleep, we assembled in the kitchen to discuss the game plan. There was a married couple who had made this location their first experience in paranormal investigation, along with a Mother/Daughter team from Fantome Paranormal named Kim and Rebecca.

We were given a tour of the hospital and known "hot spot" areas by Tristan. Tristan made it a point to not go in to the history or paranormal events at this time as to not influence our investigation, which I appreciated. All of our questions about the layout and floors were answered and we were ready to begin. After a quick equipment set up and check back in the kitchen,  the five of us made our way through the hospital.  

There was a strong sense of being followed throughout the night. We received many hits on K2's and EMF meters; many in response to questions. The majority of activity occurred between 11pm and 3am. Around midnight, me, Kim, and Rebecca were investigating on our own. This is when the activity started to increase.


  • Pharmacy Hallway Room 8-  There are three chairs set up in the hallway outside this room. The room is small in size, and the windows are completely boarded up. At the time we sat down in this hallway, we were not aware that the chairs sat directly in front of the small Room 8, nor had we opened the door of this room. We were receiving strong temperature fluctuations, EMF response, then a series of loud banging sounds which sounded close by, far away, then right in front of us.  The loud bangs then were given in response to requests to make the bang again. I have captured this hallway session on audio. Kim from Fantome Paranormal had a flashlight that kept dimming on and off in response to questions, along with a drastic temperature drop on her hand that held the flashlight. The next morning, we went back to the areas where we experienced the most activity to seek confirmation or a possible explanation for what occurred. Upon opening up the heavy wood door to Room 8, we noticed there was a very small room with a single chair inside.  I entered the room and closed the door which then became pitch black, and picked up the front of the metal chair and let it drop while Kim stood outside. It was the same exact sound we had been hearing the night before as we sat outside this room in the Pharmacy hallway. I went to take photos of inside the room, and advised Spirit I was taking their photo. The photo you see of the face that appeared was in the second instant follow up photo taken as is our practice to do for comparison purposes.  
  • Old Chapel-   There is an old chapel on the main floor which had been used for many years as a chapel for loved ones to sit, pray, and reflect as they waited for word about their family members. This room is not very large, and has one single pew. In this room, we received the same EMF response to questions, along with a significant temperature drop at one point. I captured audio of odd sounds coming from the wall which at first we thought may be rats although we had not seen any evidence of rats. Right after we say we think it may be rats, there is a very loud clanging sound from the same wall area in response that we believe was confirming this was not rats.
  • EVP's-   Several EVP's were captured by Fantome Paranormal.  EVP's are below. 
  • My room-  Strong sense of being watched and a female presence although I could not connect with her as if there was a thick veil. When I first settled in and put my things down, I went to use the rest room and the light in the restroom did not work at all. There were two switches on either end of the bathroom, both of which I tried to work by going back and forth and switching them on/off and testing them in different positions.  My room was the last one in line of the other participant rooms. The bathroom was a shared bathroom with two doors. One door in to my room, the other door at the other end of the small bathroom going in to a vacant room that had not been chosen by anyone and was vacant. At one point in the investigation in the early morning hours, I returned to my room to use the restroom.   The bathroom doors were now both closed shut, even though I know that I left them open and now, the bathroom light was shining brightly. When I returned to the room to sleep around 3am,  I continued to hear a woman's voice from down the hallway which continued until dawn.
  • Basement-  after "experiencing" the basement during our initial tour with staff, we decided that this room would best be "left alone".  If you decide to investigate this room, please use caution.
  • Camera and Audio malfunctions-   My POV camera had unusual audio anomalies. At one point while doing a laser grid session, it turned off completely.  During review, I had believed the audio anomalies were only with the POV camera audio.  When the Fuji video footage taken the next morning was reviewed, the same audio anomalies occurred as well.
  • Nellie's room-  there is a Big Bird doll in this room that speaks.  During the night investigation, it kept responding with "Peek-A-Boo". We have since determined this doll has a sensor that responds to light and movement. This is not paranormal, although the timing of the doll making this sound in close timing to questions was at first startling. Some may feel that this is Spirit making the doll talk, which is possible. These events captured during our investigation cannot be confirmed due to follow up research on this doll.
  • Long time resident room-   Unfortunately, I forget the name of this woman who lived in this room for a very long time. The room is left as it was upon her crossing. There is an overwhelming sense of sadness in this room and a feeling of things left unfinished. The room has shoes, clothes, and belongings of this long time female resident. Time has stood still in this room.
  • Records reception area and file room-  The morning after our overnight investigation, we received K2 and EMF hits in response to questions there. Kim was speaking directly with the doctor who was in charge there for many years. Upon leaving, I captured a rather unusual large orb within a couple feet of where we had been sitting conducting our session. Although many of the orbs caught in the investigation videos are indeed dust, this one stands out as it emits its own light and is a very large, single orb. There definitely was a strong male presence in this area.
  • "Pew Room" 2nd floor-   This room has numerous pews set up like a church, but the room was never used as a church per staff, but perhaps was used originally as some type of recreation or storage room for the pews. This room has several children present. These children are not connected to the hospital but the land it sits on. The videos are interesting as there were many audio anomalies, and many EMF responses to Kim's questions.  At one point, an orb flies out of Kim's head while she is sitting on a pew asking questions, and two orbs move in tandem down to the floor in front of the table that Kim is sitting at which is located at the front of the rows of pews. Many of the orbs captured in the video from this session are dust, but a few are very interesting and may indeed be Spirit. Later, Kim set up a motion sensor between the pews and we invited the children to play. The sensor went off twice. At one point Kim and I were both standing at the front of the pew area, and while talking and facing Kim I noticed the top of a cut off soda bottle that was laying on the floor start to rock back and forth as if it was being pushed gently by a hand. I mentioned to Kim what was happening, and as she looked down it suddenly stopped- with no residual movement like it should normally have when something had been rolling back and forth. I was unable to capture this as I had just turned off my video camera a few minutes before.

  • Please see photos of this investigation here
  • Hours of video are in process of being edited down to manageable size
  • Audio below was captured by N.E.M.P.R.S. and Fantome Paranormal.  More audio to come.  


OSPH 5.6.16 Old Chapel
Don't Be Sorry OSPH Fantome Paranormal
Hey Fantome Paranormal
OSPH Basement Toy Train Fantome Paranormal

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