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Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society

Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society

Maggie - Founder, Researcher, Lead Investigator
Maggie is the founder and director of Northeast Mississippi Paranormal Research Society. A lifelong researcher and spiritual medium, her earliest experiences with Spirit remembered began at age five. She soon discovered over time and with dedicated study that she had a unique connection with the world of Spirit. Maggie realized through her spiritual studies and experiences the profound good that can come from using her gifts to help and be in service to others, and believes this is the reason we are "here".

Maggie's passion for the research and study of paranormal phenomena and the need for scientific documentation of evidence of the existence of "life after physical death" is a lifelong journey and one that, in her own words, "will never have an end destination, just new and wondrous transformations of Energy..."

To contact Maggie personally, please email her at:
[email protected]
Donna - Environmental Tech, Team Investigator
Donna shares our passion for all things Paranormal. She holds a degree in Engineering. She contributes her vast knowledge and skills as one of the Environmental Technicians on the N.E.M.P.R.S. team as well as being an experienced team investigator. She has had a few paranormal experiences which always left her asking, "Why?".  Donna is a capable and inquisitive investigator and is an asset to the N.E.M.P.R.S. team.
David - Team Member, Investigator, Location Lead
David has an extensive background in Security/Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Private Investigation, Bail Bonding and Bail Enforcement. He currently works in armed security, and as a Bail Bondsman and Bail Enforcement Agent. He has been interested in all aspects of the paranormal for many years. David says, "I guess you could say, I chase the living, and hunt the dead. I am a true believer, but also one of the biggest skeptics around; meaning show me the proof."  We are excited to have David join the N.E.M.P.R.S. team.
Michelle - Team Member, Investigator, Development, Researcher
Michelle is deep seated in her Christian faith and is a long time believer in the spirit world. For many years she has had feelings and premonitions that could simply not be ignored. She has experienced both visual and auditory events with Spirit.  She believes this "gift" has been passed down to her from her mother who once had quite an interest in the spirit world and paranormal herself. Michelle feels that by reaching back to those in the past we can do good for those in the present and the future. Michelle holds her BA degree in Psychology and currently works in the mental health field. She hopes to learn from the past and bring positive energy and experiences to those who are searching for answers from those who have gone on to another life before us. We are very happy to have Michelle join the N.E.M.P.R.S. team.
Jeanie - Team Member, Investigator, Technology
Jeanie has had an interest in the paranormal for quite some time. She has had several encounters dating back to her teenage years and became most interested when her sister came to her telling about seeing multiple spirits. Jeanie currently works in the mental health field with her bachelor's degree being in psychology. Her love for technology is a great asset to the N.E.M.P.R.S. team.  We are very happy to welcome Jeanie to the N.E.M.P.R.S. team.
Edward -  (on hiatus) Researcher, Environmental Tech, Team Investigator

Edward has a strong military background, having served with special operations in Europe, Central America and the Middle East.  Edward has always had a passion for the unexplained, whether it be the paranormal or research on UFO's.  Likening himself to Agent Mulder of the X-Files, he wants to believe but must have proof.  Edward is our "resident skeptic"; very open minded but making sure that the evidence is irrefutable.  We are proud to have Edward as a part of our N.E.M.P.R.S. team.

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